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The game is an educational game designed to improve the learning of English language at the intermediate level. The game will explore areas like.

Phrases, Idiomatic expression, Synonyms and antonyms, Current affairs, punctuation, Spellings, pronunciation, books and authors, etc."

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These games are made to teach you, there is no need for any prior knowledge for you to play these games. We will walk you through whatever you have to do, so there’s no need to worry if english doesn’t come very naturally to you.


Catch A Phrase

Catch a Phrase employs a Fill in the Blanks strategy, challenging players to complete well-known phrases by identifying the missing words based on their knowledge of idioms and common expressions.

Figure it Out

Figure It Out offers an immersive and dynamic word puzzle experience where players unscramble letters to form predetermined words. This engaging challenge encourages players to apply their cognitive skills in solving puzzles and mastering language intricacies along the way.

Word Search

Word Search Present players with a lengthy word from which they must extract as many independent words as possible. The challenge lies in finding words that utilize more alphabets, as longer words score higher points. It's a test of vocabulary, observation, and strategy, where players aim to maximize their points by uncovering hidden words within the given word.

Cross Word Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle gives you the opportunity to dive into a grid of hidden black and white squares! Solve brain-teasing questions, unlock clues, and embark on an endless journey of fun and challenge. Remember, patience is key to allow players to identify the first game to play so they don't miss out on the chance to solve other questions that may be blocked.i

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