Game Modes

Game Modes

Tailored specifically for registered schools, this mode serves as a comprehensive preparation platform for students, guiding them through the transition from traditional paper-based to modern digital examinations. Within this mode, students engage in monthly competitions aimed at honing their skills and preparing them for the evolving examination landscape.

Participation in these competitions offers students the opportunity to showcase their abilities and earn recognition based on their performance.

Access to School Mode is facilitated through the payment of a token fee arranged through their respective schools, which ensures proper supervision and provides a structured framework for facilitating necessary improvements in students' academic capabilities.

Experience the excitement of our exclusive Admin Mode, where top players have the unique opportunity to represent their pre-registered state in thrilling televised events.

This mode offers a prestigious platform for exceptional individuals to showcase their skills on a grand scale, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression. As a sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured during these live recording studio sessions, reaching a wide audience and associating your brand with talent, innovation, and community engagement.

Join us in empowering the next generation of gaming champions and be a part of the excitement of I REP MY CITY

Tailored for participants aged 18 and above, Online Mode provides an immersive platform for gaming enthusiasts to engage in competitive gameplay while aiming for substantial rewards.

This mode offers dynamic challenges initiated by fellow gamers or administrators, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among players.

Access to Online Mode is facilitated through a participation fee, serving as an access token to control participation in a multiplayer platform. One of the standout features of Online Mode is its rewarding system, which offers significant financial incentives to top performers as a means of promoting literacy and educational engagement.

Winners of each game have the opportunity to earn a percentage share from the total amount generated, with rewards distributed as follows: 40% for the first-place winner, 20% for the second-place winner, and 10% for the third-place winner.

This structured reward system not only encourages healthy competition but also acts as a motivational tool, inspiring participants to view education as a rewarding pursuit. Step into Online Mode and embark on a fulfilling journey where learning intertwines with exhilarating challenges

Practice mode is free and accessible to every interested player for leisure, individuals can also use this mode to practice and familiarize themselves with the different games in preparation for other modes

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